Renaissance Falkenstein

James Plowright Dies
Romanza Vanishes

Strange music lures James into a trap. The troubador is eaten by carnivorous fish. While investigating a building in the middle of the pool where James died, Romanza tries to cast a light spell. After the final word of her incantation, she vanishes.

Mist Dragon

The Mist Dragon is smaller than Antonio remembered. The dragon breathes a scalding steam but is ultimately defeated.

A new crew-member

The Lady of the Mists encounters a ship going back to Europe. One of the crew-members is keen to go back to where the Lady of the Mists is heading in order to face a dragon that he fought before.

Amphi Dragon defeated
frog's fight fails fatally

The characters defeat the acid-spitting frog.

Amphi Dragon
Encounter with an acid spitting frog.

A frog-like dragon climbs the side of the boat and spits acid.

Giant Crabs
The crew are attacked by giant crabs

Loigar changes his mind again and leaves with the sloop. That night, the Lady of the Mists is attacked by giant crabs.

Good Bye
A death and a departure

While on patrol to observe the pirates, Baldrich Philch is pierced through the heart with a crossbow bolt. Loigar decides to remain with the reptile-men on the Canary Islands.

Phantom Lighthouse
someone is luring ships to their doom

The characters find out that a false signal is causing ships to break apart on rocks protruding from the sea. The voyagers sail into Seawell to investigate.

The Dream
Romanza awakens from a strange dream

Romanza awakens from a strange dream and talks of maelstroms, lightning, and faeries.

denizens of the deep

Fishmen climb aboard and attack the crew. After killing one and injuring two, the fishmen finally jump overboard back into the sea.


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