This game is loosely based on the (GURPS) Castle Falkenstein world. For the setting I implemented one of the campaign crossovers for GURPS Swashbucklers; “Moving the campaign setting back a couple of centuries makes for interesting possibilities: Faerie pirates on the high seas, Dwarf inventors creating ‘windpunk’ devices, and the Bavarian Illuminati waging a shadow war against the Illuminati.” The starting year is the very beginning of what could be called the Swashbuckling era, the Renaissance, 1475. The faeries entered this world in 12,000 B.C.; much has happened since then. The campaign began in Italy and the characters are currently voyaging around Africa. Each of the travellers has accepted the hardships of life at sea for his or her own motivations, ranging from simple greed to religious piety. There are more fantasy races in this world than the canon Castle Falkenstein world. Along the way the adventurers have encountered reptilemen, fishmen, and the spirit folk of the sea. So far, this has been the story of an Italian noblewoman and her entourage on a nautical pilgrimage to the legendary kingdom of Prester John.

Renaissance Falkenstein

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